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Space-Saving Hacks For Your Caravan!

When it comes to caravans, we need all the help we can get with storage as there’s only a finite amount of space available on board! Although we have to make do with what we have, there is a multitude of caravan space-saving hacks out there that can truly make a world of difference. Not only that, though, but there are a number of producboost your spaceyour space a boost!

Here at My Wobble Box, we have gathered some of the best space-soducts we have to offer and put them into this handy list. So, in no particular order:

String Shopper Bags

With a few String Shopper Bags at your disposal, you won’t have to worry about carrying tonnes of big shopping bags ever again! At our store, we have four lovely colours for you to choose from, including Burnt Orange, Dusky Pink, Olive, and Sunflower Yellow – all from the incredible Sass & Belle. They’re eco-friendly, incredibly lightweight, and can be stored out of sight without taking up any space at all! For all us caravan owners, that is super handy! Not only do they save space, but they also look so cute whenever you go shopping with them. These are one of the best ways to save space in your caravan as they also double as storage!

Stackable Mug Set

Cupboard storage is another common problem when it comes to caravans. The kitchen should be pared down to include only the essentials, allowing you to store everything you need when you go caravanning. Also, look to use the caravan’s height to your advantage as well with products such as our’ Home Is Where You Park It’ Stacking Mug Set, which lets you store multiple mugs in the space you could normally only fit one in!

This mug set is neatly designed to help save vital space so thatyour cupboards, so you can fit even more in there. It’s also caravan themed, meaning it fits right at home with the aestheticIn addition, our your caravan! Our stacking fine china mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe – perfect for caravans on the go.

Compact Picnic Rug

Looking to go picnicking while on your caravanning trip? Then look no further than our British Recycled Wool Walker Companion Picnic Rug, which can be used both as a picnic blanket and an at-home blanket as well! The best part about this fantastic product is that it can be easily folded up and stored away neatly folded. It’s a beautiful product that can be taken anywhere as it’ll keep you nice, warm and comfortable! Sustainable and manufactured using recycled soft wool yarns, it’s perfect for anyone and everyone who owns a caravan. Compact picnic rugs are ideal for saving space!

Large Storage Bags

Caravans can easily be filled with clothes, towels, laundry, or bedding. So it’s wise to have storage options on board in order to keep everything neat and tidy, rather than it being messy! That is why you should pick up a Caravan Jumbo Bag, as it’ll safely secure your belongings from moving about while travelling around the country. And your caravan will be cleaner as a result!

When it comes to sprucing up your caravan, storage bags are perfect – especially when they’re adorable and caravan-themed like ours! When you are deep cleaning your caravan, our storage boxes will ensure that it’s easier to clean as well. Simply move the storage bags out of the way, and off you go!

Campacave Storage

Lastly, if you have luggage on board – such as bikes, outdoor seating, a BBQ, or anything else outdoor-related – then a Campacave Storage Cover is perfect for when you need it the most! These handy outdoor storage covers are big enough to fit many different possessions and can be assembled within minutes. When it rains, you don’t want your things to be drenched, so cover them up with our Campacave! When you’re finished for the weekend, simply store everything back in your caravan and fold the Campacave back up, ready for next time. Once you use the Campacave for the first time, you’ll curse yourself for not having one sooner! It’s versatile and can free up so much space in your caravan.

Free up some space in your caravan

At My Wobble Box, we have so many products on offer to aid you throughout your summer holidays, whether you are caravanning up and down the country or just heading up the road! We have searched far and wide for the best products out there for caravans, and these are just some you can buy from our store now! Be sure to visit our website to see how we can make your caravanning trips that little bit better!

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