Pets On Tour! Five Must-Haves For Your Pet-Friendly Caravan

Pets On Tour! Five Must-Haves For Your Pet-Friendly Caravan

Holidaying with pets is always such a joy! Whether it’s your dog, cat, or any other type of furry friend, you can 100% count on them to make any caravan trip the absolute best, no matter what. That’s why you have to bring along a number of things so they can enjoy the ride alongside you.

But what exactly should you take on your pet-friendly holiday anyway? It’s all well and good taking them along for the journey. But, you also need to think about their needs as they’ll be in an unfamiliar place after all. So, here are five must-haves for your pet-friendly caravan:

All The Essentials + Backups

Don’t forget to bring all your essentials so that your pet can feel at home inside your caravan. Essentials include at least enough food for the duration of your trip, a lead, bedding, a water bowl and doggy bags. There are many other nice-to-have add-ons like balls, dog toys, raincoats and cuddly toys that would also enhance their fun. Having all of these at hand will make sure that you won’t have to travel to a nearby town, village or city in order to pick them all up. Making your time away as smooth as possible is vital – no one wants to have to panic-buy dog food! Create a checklist of everything you need so that you’re ready and prepared for an adventurous time, and bring backup and spares just to make sure!

Medical Accessories

Never, ever go caravanning with dogs, cats or any other animal without medical accessories. Medical first aid for pets can help treat any nasty injuries they may pick up while out and about. This could save their lives when there are no vets around to come and help them. This is something you may want to consider when booking the trip – look for the nearest animal hospital to your location, so you know in case of emergencies.

Also, make sure to brush up on your first aid. Many websites can teach you basic animal first aid, like this site, which outlines the basics for dog owners. Knowing what to do in a situation where your pet is in trouble can help save their life. Not knowing what to do only puts them in more unnecessary danger. Be ready and prepared for anything.


Although it’s not technically a necessity, comfort is highly important when it comes to pets. Keeping your furry-friends comfortable and cosy helps them get used to their surroundings, whether it be at home or on the road with you in your caravan. If you keep them comfortable, then they’ll keep you comfortable with their presence and love. Our range of blankets can really come in handy! We have an Illusion Stripe Blanket, which is available in four different colours (Horizon, Nightfall, Spring, Tuti), as well as the Luxury Duck Egg Wool Blanket and Recycled Wool Walker Picnic Rug too. These can also help to keep fur and hair off furniture, making sure they are super cosy and warm without coating your van in fluff! Whatever you do, don’t go without one!

Their Favourite Toys

Playtime is always important when going away with our lovable pets! So make sure you pack their favourite toys! By bringing them along, you can ensure they have plenty of fun outdoors playing tug-of-war, snuggling with their teddy or chasing a ball. Even a toy for them to chew on in the caravan can be handy just in case it rains during the day. It may also prevent them from chewing your caravan!

Unsure of what to take? Take inspiration from this list for 2022. A tennis ball for playing fetch is perfect, and some types of balls are designed to improve dental hygiene too. No more dog breath filling up the caravan! Whatever it may be, toys will help to strengthen the bond between the both of you, and it can also be a good workout for yourself too!

Other Outdoor Considerations

Say you’ve been out for a walk or hike with your pet, and it’s been heavily raining. What will you do when they’re completely soaked head to toe? Make sure you bring lots of old towels! They’ll be muddy and wet, so dry them off before they have the chance to shake dirty water all over your caravan. If your dog is particularly nosy or quite young, it may be wise to bring along a tie-out stake so they can enjoy the outdoors with you without running the risk of them wandering off. Collar lights may also come in handy on night walks as they’ll be easy to spot for you and other dog owners. Lastly, bring a parasol, so they’re protected from the sun! Heatstroke can be very dangerous for dogs, and giving them plenty of shade and water is key to keeping them safe.

So, looking to travel somewhere with your pets in the caravan?

At My Wobble Box, we have so many products on offer to aid you throughout your caravanning holidays and to bring a bit of holiday into your home. We have searched far and wide for the best products out there, so check out our website to see how we can make your caravanning trips that little bit better!

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