Must-Have Home From Home Comforts For Your Campervan

Must-Have Home From Home Comforts For Your Campervan

Travelling can be an exhausting experience, especially if you’re making an incredibly long trip! Of course, going in your campervan can make the journey more comfortable, but what do you need to make it feel like a home away from home?

It’s always best to bring along some of your home comforts, but if you are heading out for a long-haul trip, you might want to deck out your campervan so you don’t have to pack things in and out every time you go away. This saves time and effort and is a great way to add some personality to your space. 

Here are some of the easiest ways to add that homely, comfy feel to your campervan:

Make It Look Like Home

If you are big on decor, you could decorate your campervan with essential home comforts such as artwork, snuggly blankets and decor that makes you happy. You could add a few family pictures, blankets and candles to create a really welcoming and cosy vibe. We have a number of artwork pieces featuring popular areas, such as Anglesey, Blackpool and The Wirral, that can really pull a space together and make your campervan feel more like home! Campervans can look a little sterile and cold, but with the right accessories, they can become warm and welcoming havens!

Make It Smell Like Home

Anyone who owns a campervan will agree that keeping it smelling fresh is a challenge. Whether it’s sweaty socks, wet dogs or food, it can take a while to air out bad smells, especially during the colder months when you don’t want to open every window and door. In addition, being in such a contained space can trap the scents!

Well, we found the solution – wax melts! By adding a wax burner to your campervan, you can ensure it always smells nice, and they also create a great ambience! We never go away without some of our favourite scents tucked away for emergencies. For example, our Birthday Cake, Cherry Blossom, Kiwi Watermelon, or any of the other wax melts have been hand-picked by our team for their scent strength, burning time and aroma. They always remind us of home and make evenings a dream!

Our wax melts are also eco-friendly, having been 100% naturally and ethically sourced. We also love that they are handmade right here in the UK. Each tin contains 12-15 mini melts that all collectively last around 20 hours in total. They can make the place smell gorgeous!

Make It Sound Like Home

Some campervan sites are noisy. You can’t escape it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your holiday feel more relaxing. Packing some music can help you to create a relaxing atmosphere, and if you are bringing along your pet, it can also do the same for them. Perhaps a Campervan Windchime can make your campervan sound like home with its familiar tones and chimes as it blows away in the wind! The campervan theme is very fitting too! Our delicate hand-painted ceramic red campervan wind chime is a beautiful addition to any campervan and helps bring the place together. Hang it up wherever you feel it fits best, and listen to the lovely sounds that emanate from the aluminium chimes. It is a great item to add to your home or caravan!

Make It Feel Like Home

Most of the time, when you stay somewhere that isn’t home, you simply won’t ‘feel’ as comfortable as you do in your own bed. Making your caravan feel homely is an ongoing process, just like it is with your actual home!

For instance, simple additions, such as a snuggly blanket, can really give your caravan a snuggly and welcoming feeling. Wool blankets are warm and toasty and can add a dash of personality and colour to any space. Our Illusion Stripe Blanket and Luxury Duck Egg Wool Blanket are just two of our favourite designs. Having them at hand in your campervan can help you get comfortable on cold nights or even be taken on picnics and day trips too!

Make It Taste Like Home

Home comforts don’t get any better than homely food and drink! A hearty homemade meal like cottage pie or a homemade dessert such as apple pie is both great ways to bring that slice of home away with you. However, a nice hot cup of tea or coffee can have the same impact! Whether it’s a hot chocolate before bed or a cappuccino in the morning, it can help you to unwind and feel at ease. One thing to keep in mind when packing your caravan is to always pack more mugs than you think you will need! Our Caravan Trail mugs come in a pack of four which is perfect! It’s unlikely you will have access to a dishwasher, so packing several can make sure you don’t run out. It’s also nice to have themed mugs that work with your caravan aesthetic, like our Festival Wellies-themed mug or our Caravan Trail Cornish Scooter mugs. They are a small element that can really pull a space together.

So, looking for home comforts away from home in your campervan?

At My Wobble Box, we have so many products on offer to aid you throughout your summer holidays spent campervanning up and down the country! We have searched far and wide for the best products out there for campervan lovers, and these are just some you can buy from our store too! So visit our website to see how we can make your campervanning trips that little bit better!

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