Essential Tips All Caravan Owners Need To Know About

Essential Tips All Caravan Owners Need To Know About

Whether you’re entirely new to the caravanning community or have been a caravan owner for a while already, it’s always helpful to get some tips from experienced caravan veterans! 

Before you take your wobble box out on a trip, you need to be prepared for any potential challenges you may face – flat tyres, dog crying through the night, noisy neighbours. The list could continue, and even if you have been caravanning for years, there are some things that could enhance your holidays that you may not have even thought of!

Here are some essential tips that all caravan owners need to know about:

Purchase Awnings

An awning can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Buy whichever one fits your budget and vehicle, and make sure that you have the correct awning carpets, flooring and groundsheets. Caravans are limited to a certain space, so investing in a new awning can help elevate your experience and transform your holiday for the better. Making the most of outdoor space is important! Although it may not be essential, an awning is a huge addition to your caravan life and can help to give you some more space!

Bring All Your Essentials

What do you see as the essentials for your caravan? Everyone is different. But there are certain items that we all need to help make our holidays feel complete. For example, this could be a travel mug or a comfy throw. On those long journeys up and down the country, we all need a nice hot drink to keep us feeling warm inside (especially during the winter time!). The same goes for a snuggly throw which is perfect for when the nights get frosty. Just be sure not to overpack and take unnecessary items with you on the way!

Don’t Forget About Fire Safety

Even with a caravan, it’s incredibly important to think about fire safety. A fire alarm is vital, as is a fire extinguisher which can both be used to stop a fire in its tracks before it gets out of control. But if there is a fire that is out of control, be sure to get out of the caravan and call 999. There are a number of fire risks you should be aware of too. Turn off all appliances before you go to bed, and don’t overload sockets. Outdoor fires are also a concern. Many beaches and campsites don’t allow fires, so be sure to check the rules when you arrive. 

Keep Dining Equipment Held Down

Dining equipment such as fine china and mugs can break easily if they’re not held down properly in your caravan while you are on the road. However, you can buy specialist items like curtain tension rods to help keep everything from moving around and falling out! Imagine going on your first journey, and all of your expensive fine china got smashed before you even arrived at your site. Rule number 1 – never forget to tie everything down. It would be a disaster! By keeping all of your items both safe and sound, you don’t have to worry about them being damaged during your travels. This is a vital tip you need to know!

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Some Advice

The caravan community is a friendly and welcoming one. If you ever need advice, don’t be afraid to ask for some. Every caravanner has their own way of doing things, so you can pick up some useful tips by chatting with other wobble box addicts! The Caravan Club is a great starting point for this with their online discussion hub. When you start to get more involved, you can meet and become friends with other fellow caravan owners! It’s such an amazing community. The advice, hacks and tips you can discover are second to none! It’s also a great place to get site recommendations.

Research Caravan Parks

When you first start your new caravanning lifestyle, it’s best to stay fairly local while you get into the groove of things. It helps you to rest easy, knowing that you can return home if something goes wrong. This is especially helpful if you are travelling with pets. When you’re more comfortable, you can then travel far and wide to stay at some of the best holiday parks across the country. But during the first trip or two, if you’re far away from home and have forgotten to pack certain items, then it’s hard to travel back and forth. With a local caravan park, you can simply take a short trip!

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